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We Provide High Quality Products

With a sole focus on cardiac product distribution, Loginfotek Medical service’s portfolio will continue to grow in huge part to its expertise in customer service.

Loginfotek Medical Services always connect with right and needy customer, with perfect match of products and technologies (both locally and globally). Our current customers tell a stronger story than anyone else can say.

ICU/NICU/PICU Equipments

ICU/NICU/PICU have complex machines and devices for the unique needs of patients. Learning about what to expect in the ICU/NICU/PICU can help ease your concerns.

OT Equipment

Hospitals must have appropriate operation theatre equipment at their disposal to ensure that all surgical procedures are conducted safely. These equipment is your checklist.


Our solutions are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Consultation, project management, installation, assembly, certification, service.

Imaging Products

Our broad selection of medical imaging products provides you the products you need when you need them. Optimize patient care with top-quality medical imaging

Lab Equipment

High Quality Laboratory Equipment for Testing, Quality Control & Research Applications. Huge Range of Reliable Lab Equipment for All Your Laboratory Needs.

Surgical Products

We offer surgical instruments and tools for various applications. We strive to provide you with quality instruments at cost-effective prices so you get more …

Hospital Furniture

Get affordable hospital furniture and equipment of certified quality and with warranty

Dental Setup

Set up an independent dental practice the basic requirements equipment, instruments we supply

ENT, Ophthalmic and Physio

Learn all about  about Medical equipment for ENT, Ophthalmic and Physiotherapy Setups for all your needs

ENT Medical Equipment’s

Search ENT equipment including microscopes, monitors, video, endoscopy, headlights, chairs, tables, instruments and more.


We sell and distribute quality ophthalmic instruments, tools and supplies to professionals for testing and procedures.

Physiotherapy Equipments

Experienced and research in the field of Physiotherapy . We supply and exporter Physiotherapy Equipment’s. enquire about certified products.

Hospital Services

Hospital services include everything from basic health care to training and research for major medical school centers, as well as services created by a network … You take care of patients, we will take care of your equipments

AMC/CMC/Services for Hospitals and Clinics

We are here to help you. We provide AMC and CMC

  • AMC is an annual contract for maintenance.

A manufacturer provides the service on its own or with the assistance of service providers through AMC. The contract is usually for a period of 1 year and, according to the mutual understanding of both parties, can be extended for up to three years or five years.

Generally service providers only provide business support and pay for each portion under AMC separately. In some situations, however, few parts are replaced by service engineer during the visit while minimal parts are replaced in the AMC contract.

  • CMC stands for comprehensive maintenance contract.

It includes the company or service provider’s prompt service.

The contract is typically for a term of 1 year and, according to the mutual understanding of both parties, can be extended for up to three years or five years.+ This requires defective components fixes and replacements. Getting the agreements offers the advantages that are available at reduced costs such as consumables (which are not part of the contract).

Being human have a deep desire to help people, working in medical industry is precise and to serve nation and community for better health and longer living for quality life.

- Mr Mrudang KothariDirector